Platform introduction

LoyGame is an online platform offering high-quality free browser games. As an international game provider, we have years of experience and a large number of international personnel. we commit ourselves to bring satisfying gaming experience to our players all over the world. Whether you are interested in MMO, RPG, RTS, or FPS, we have something in each genre that you will enjoy.

With LoyGame, outstanding games and players across the globe are able to be on the same platform. Instead of gaming alone, we are providing players with an environment to battle side-by-side with their friends.

In LoyGame, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability and customer service in order to provide you with the best gaming experience possible.

Platform concepts

We share games, happiness, and connect friends. According to our commitment towards innovation, LoyGame consistently provides various types of games and adheres to standards of the highest quality to satisfy the needs of gamers all over the world. So join us, and begin your magical journey online!

Thank You

Thanks for the long-term support from all LOYGAME players that motivates us to make LOYGAME better and better.

Special thanks to the following players for their great contributions on the new platform:

StingEucliffe, THELEGEND, IPawn, SilverTongue, Aaliyah, Vibes, zendo, Rua_Lazy, Oraccion, Vrath, Barosmighty, Parka, KeyZero.

Especially thanks ChaosTheory from Rise of Mythos Server 1 for the great idea of LOYGAME slogan "Legend of Your Games"!

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